Patsy Durack's Rose Gardens


Good Rain

Up here in the hills we were very fortunate to get very good rain on the weekend and the roses are saying thank you!

They are looking very healthy after giving them Sea Mungus two weeks ago ¬† There’s lots and lots of deadheading at the moment because of so many beautiful blooms.

It is a beautiful time to visit the garden to see the autumn blooms.

Welcome to the new website

It’s been a long time coming but the new website is now up. Tell us what you think and stay tuned for tips and hints on getting the best out of your garden.

Pruning All Done

Pruning was done in July and the roses are budding beautifully. We have put Sea Mungus on and they have loved the nutrients. We find Sea Mungus to be a great tonic for the roses at this time of the year when the first buds appear. With the sun of the last few days, the buds are growing at a rapid rate so we maybe in for an early season like last year.

Next up will be the mulching which will be done as soon as possible, and then the first fertilising for the new season which will be done in September.


Rose Fanatic

Trevor Cochrane from ABC’s Garden Gurus comes our garden and discusses the gardens¬†900 field rose bushes including the 300 beautiful David Austen rose bushes in the garden across the road. Trevor and Patsy also discuss how by not using sprays in the gardens allows us to use the blooms from the gardens in our products.

Date of episode: 22 January 2011